INTELLIGENCE: Boredom and Terror/Let’s Toil: 2 x LP

Nov 21, 2014

This double Intelligence album is a reissue of their 2004 Narnack/Omnibus debut. Upon its original release, Boredom and Terror/Let’s Toil was a joint LP/CD package—buy the vinyl album, get the CD one with it. Now you can get both on vinyl. Full disclosure: the Intelligence never did it for me. A live set I caught by them opening up for the Oblivians last year was totally underwhelming. A left-handed compliment at best, I only say that to underscore how surprised I was by this reissue. I had no expectations for it anditfucking slays. While not nearly as aggressive as The Screamers, fans of synth punk and Live at the Witch Trials-era Fall should own this double record. I missed the boat on this double album the first time around. If every Intelligence album sounded as compelling as this double LP—something I don’t recall them doing—I’d be one of their biggest fans. I can’t praise this record enough and it’s a strong contender for reissue of the year. Truly stunning. 

 –ryan (In The Red,

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