INTELLECTUALS, THE: Invisible Is the Best: CD

Mar 14, 2007

Trying to intellectualize what the Intellectuals do would be insulting to the intellect. It ain’t chaos theory, though it is splendidly chaotic; it ain’t quantum physics, though listening to ‘em will make you want to get physical with the opposite sex. What it IS is a stroll through the rock’n’roll section of the id, beer-drenched, wild-eyed, libidinous, making out with the gorgeous girl next to you while checking out the other gorgeous girl standing behind her. Great guy/ girl vocal exchanges, a la the Lids, pluckily sinister organ sounds like Cococoma and the Juvinals, and a fuzzed-out guitar that sounds like the amp is seconds away from blowing up. I gotta find me a shirt that says “Italians do it better!”

 –benke (Dead Beat)

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