INSUICIETY: Believe and Die: CD

Sep 08, 2006

When someone said that there is a song for every emotion, they were right. As soon as the music drizzled out the speakers, I had images of being extremely stoned or picturing the end of the night drinking when you are the last one standing. Surreal and depressing. Seven song release from this female-led band out of Germany in the doom or sludgecore vein barely tracing the edge of playing too slow. Vocals that have a pained and despaired delivery adds to the depressing sounds it is accompanying. The musicianship is top-notch with interesting guitar riffings and well thought out drumming that keeps things interesting. The bass seems to be a little buried in the mix and could be pulled forward a little bit to add a stronger bottom tone. But bits and pieces do jump out reminding me that it is there. From this introduction, I will be keeping my ears to the ground to see what comes out of this outfit in the future.

 –don (Crimes Against Humanity)

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