I’ve been a bit of a burnout lately listening to crust. At least the crust records I personally own. I do really like to go see it live, though. But when I get something new that is well done, it gets me re-interested again. This band hailing from Germany does all the right things in my book. Really strong production to support their Deviated Instinct meets Amebix with death metal undertones mania. Really riveting guitar riffs pierce through the mix, backed by sold bass and drum interplay. Vocals that aren’t too guttural finish their bleak painting of life. The band really toes the line between punk and metal. They have the musicianship and songwriting ability to cross over that line and play just metal, depending on the genre. Overall, the metal in me really enjoys what is being heard and the punk side is satisfied that it’s on the same team. The record nerd underbelly in me loves the gatefold and the super cool purple and black swirled vinyl!

 –don (World Funeral)