Jan 19, 2016

More crucial history from the great Boss Tuneage records, this time the second Instigators album along with a live set. The band’s first LP Nobody Listens Anymore is still my favorite, but their second still hits the spot. The band at this point was an almost a completely different lineup and entity to the one that made the first LP. Gone were their nods to the anarcho world of bands like the Subhumans, taking on to a much more obvious USHC direction. This album shows the influence of the massive amount of touring this band did throughout Europe and the States (a thing very few bands of the era were doing to the extent they did), complete with bandanas and scissor kicks. Musically on this release the band have an almost mid-period Dag Nasty sound with Andy Turner’s unmistakable vocals. As with discs from my youth, it’s difficult to divorce a time and a place from the music. I absolutely love this and am happy it’s easily available for everyone else to enjoy.

 –Tim Brooks (Boss Tuneage,