INSTIGATOR: Sorry We’re Punk: CD

Feb 21, 2008

Picked this up recently at a SouthBay show. Haven’t been to a show in the SouthBay in over a decade. This band was the opening act. While they were playing, my brother told me that he remembered this band from the early ‘80s. As the band played along, I vaguely remembered the band. They played an impressive set that brought back memories of the early days and the many bands that never went anywhere but were good. After the show, I struck up a conversation with the drummer and asked him if he had played many a night at the local punk club in Hollywood back in the ‘80s. He confirmed my suspicion and I immediately felt like I’d met a comrade in arms. This release features the one of the first bands to play the melodic beach punk sound. They also have a sound that is very OC from that time period. Cross the Vandals with D.I. and, for some weird reason, I hear some Youth Brigade. You can also hear where Pennywise might have gotten some of their influence in there, too, due to proximity. Their live set caught me but hearing a good recording of that set is even better. The old punk in me cried for this.

 –don (Instigator)

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