May 08, 2013

Hmmm... Musically, this is some pretty damn good punk rock. The tempos are fast and wound up. The vocal delivery is urgent and passionate as hell. The lyrics can be dicey, though. “Foreign Moron” complains about tourists coming around acting like assholes—but there’s a bit of a localism mentality that is off-putting. “Crack Baby,” comes across as confused and impotent anger detailing dislike for a woman, “who don’t know shit but she’s out for fame,” and how she “needs a man or she’ll die, on her own she can’t survive.” How any of this makes her a “crack baby,” I have no idea. It makes me wonder if the person who penned this song had their heart broken by some girl, so this is their way of getting revenge. Then the other two songs, “Brainwashed” and “Misery Guts,” are less cringe inducing. They also do a cover of Black Flag’s “White Minority.” Ignore the lyrics, and you have a good record, I suppose.

 –M.Avrg ([email protected])