Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy and Come September: Two Talks by Arundhati Roy, with Howard Zinn, DVD

Feb 26, 2007

This DVD is more powerful than solely an audio CD for one particular reason. For all of those who are convinced that voices of dissent against current international politics and corporations comes solely via wild-eyed potential terrorists with guns raised, I can’t think of a less intimidating-looking human than Ms. Roy. Diminutive in size, soft spoken, and emanating a warmth, she looks harmless and easy going. When she speaks of America controlling the world’s oil and thereby controlling the world’s market, she does it with a poet’s precision and a compelling directness. In doing so, she is one of most articulate, elegant dissenters who has stepped into the world arena in a long time. This DVD composes two talks, is around three hours long, and is basically a state of the world address for those concerned about the dark shadow cast on this world by global corporate interest and its crippling effects on one of the best inventions of modern time: democracy. If you’re looking for a whiz-bang DVD with tons of special effects and computer-generated graphics, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for the inspiration one woman can instill by just standing up and boldy telling it like it is in her own unique style, you can’t get much better than Ms. Roy. –Todd (AK Press, 674-A 23rd St., Oakland, CA 94612-1163)