INSTANT ASSHOLE: Straight Edge Failure: CD

Aug 12, 2006

Bay area band that features John the Baker, the proprietor of Burnt Ramen, and Bill Asshole, who also drums for Strung Up. Straight-forward punk that gives me the same feeling of listening to the Dead Kennedys but more hardcore. The songs are raw and could have easily been on the Not So Quiet on the Western Front comp. The songs sound like they were plucked right out of the ‘83-’84 Bay Area scene. The songs are short and to the point and they don’t even touch the two-minute mark. The seventeen tracks on this disc flew by so fast, I barely noticed what happened. This is no fastcore, thrash-a-thon. In this day and age, this would be considered mid-tempo to fast. Straight music with no filler. Fun stuff.

 –don (Tankcrimes)

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