Dec 13, 2007

Brand new follow-up to their debut CD Straight Edge Failure. Confrontational, I-don’t-give-a-shit punk rock that reminds me of many bands from the early ‘80s. I mean, I can hear bands like the Dead Kennedys, Fang, MDC, and even hints of Stukas Over Bedrock in their songs. I can hear the growth on this release compared to their first release. I feel the length of time together has made the band more cohesive, yet the bile of the lyrics is still there. Once again, the main topic brought up is alcohol. I love to drink, many of you like to drink, and it’s totally obvious that they love to drink. The songs feel tighter even though they play a loose style of mid tempo to fast punk. Songs that are like a slap in your face and played with angry conviction. If you’re a record nerd like me, you’ll dig the cool white with black splatter version that the label sent.

 –don (Tankcrimes)