INSPECTION 12: In Recovery: CD

Inspection 12 have redundantly released a predictable squeaky clean collection of pop-punk splooge that caused me to contemplate hacking my ears off with a big ol’ Outback steak knife. So after less than one listen, I quickly ejected this atrociously annoying disc and violently flung it to the floor. I then proceeded to brutally stomp it into a thousand jagged little pieces before drunkenly defacing its shattered remains with a steady stream of brew-saturated whizz. The overly whiney tear-jerkin’ vocals and flat, lackluster instrumentation disgusted and irritated me to no end. Inspection 12 severely lack energy, creativity, sparkle, and drive. They’re the Barry Manilow of a mediocre musical genre. A complete waste of time! Amen and, yes, I will go to hell.

 –guest (Honest Don’s)