Aug 25, 2006

Oakland, CA all-lady four-piece bring the rock on this seven-song release. “Falling Down” is a full-tilt rocker with some nice bass lines courtesy of new bassist Jen Kamps. “Breaking News” has some nice cowbell that Will Ferrell would be proud of. “Almost Amazing” sounds like the radio-friendly track here, but it’s polished without being overbearing. “Holding On” sounds like Mary’s Danish with more distortion thrown in for good measure. The best tune on here is “Schizo” which rocks with reckless abandon. I could have done with a little less air-brushing on the back cover, but that’s just me. Inspect Her Gadget are the best all female outfit to blast into overdrive since… you thought I was going to say The Donnas? Please. The Pandoras, of course! If they keep rocking, I’ll keep looking harder. Yummy.

 –koepenick (Self-released)