Nov 22, 2009

This foursome from New Jersey is giving off heavy vibes of a lighter version of Rainer Maria. That’s partially because of the contrasting male/female vocals, but it’s also due to using catchy phrases throughout their ten-song album. I can imagine Anna O’Sullivan prancing around on stage like Caithlin DeMarris, contrasting her delicate voice with the harsher, but not overwhelming, male vocals. The band almost comes across with a folk sound at some points, but it’s always mixed in with a good amount of indie sensibilities and style. Some of the songs kind of flew under the radar, but tracks like “Atlas” and “Walk Away” are standouts. It’d be interesting to hear the band give over to their manic energy perhaps a bit more if they can retain some of their harmonies and melodies. As it stands right now, too many of the songs are a bit too mellow for my tastes. Although, the use of the xylophone/vibraphone is always welcome. I hope Insouciant keeps on working to grow and develop their sound. I like what I’m hearing here.

 –kurt (NotRock)