Apr 27, 2009

Insomniaxe have a fairly standard psychobilly sound, but it doesn’t really come off as pedantic or run-of-the-mill. It gets close at times, mind you, but, overall, I thought that this was a decent outing on their part. I think the reason that I’m not quite astounded by this is because I want Insomniaxe to be tighter; on several of the tunes when they kick things into overdrive and the Fest of the Slapping of the Doghouse Bass begins, it’s as if they need a few seconds to figure out what tempo they want to be playing. But once they get a bit further into the tune, then everything is fine. I guess I just want a better sense of consistency. Given a bit of time, though, I think Insomniaxe could really be something—they’ve got the chops, but they need to carve the roast more precisely.

 –Eric Carlson (Zodiac Killer)

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