INSOMNIACS, THE: Switched On b/w 'Bout My Love: 7"

Feb 15, 2006

A teaser non-LP b-side single from this long-tenured NJ mod/beat/powerpop outfit; if the Insomniacs = the Jam (which they don't), this would likely occupy the "Start!"/ "When You're Young" slot in the group's pantheon o' hits. I haven't heard an album by these guys since the one with "Ralphie the Beatles Man" on it so i reckon i'd better get on the stick, even though (i admit) the band's truly spectacular moments are few and far between. Neat printed paper sleeve w/cut-out label hole. All is as it should be here. Geshundheit. BEST SONG: "Switched On" BEST SONG TITLE: "'Bout My Love" maybe? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The band lives at PO Box 666 in Englishtown, NJ-the second known instance of a PO Box 666 in Rock'n'Roll (Get Hip Records being the first)

 –guest (Slovenly)

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