INSIDE ARTZINE #14: $?, 8 ½” x 12”, offset colored, 44 pgs.

Mar 04, 2011

Wow. No other word can be used to describe Inside #14. This issue is packed full of mind-bending artwork from some of the most twisted imaginations in contemporary art. This German zine refers to the genre of art it highlights as Artscum and if that term doesn’t mean anything to you, just use the works of H.R. Giger as a starting reference point. Issue 14 features some amazing works by a global cast, including America’s own Jason Felix, Chris Mars, Justin Aerni, and Juan Cabana. This stuff is seriously nightmare-inducing. Also worth noting is the print and paper quality of the zine. Simply put, the only things I’ve ever seen to match the quality of both in the zine are museum programs or full-on art books. –Garrett Barnwell (Inside Artzine, PO Box 2266, D-54212 Trier, Germany)