INSAINTS, THE: Sins of Saints: CD

Nov 15, 2006

The only things i really remember about the Insaints from back when was that they did a record with the Diesel Queens (turns out to be the only record they made), the singer was Tim Yohannan’s girlfriend, and something about a stage show involving lesbians, urine, and a banana (Stop! You had me at “urine!”). That said, in the cold hard light of 21st Century retrospection, i am shocked, grossed and mildly agog that this band was only represented by that one measly split double-45 in the product-happy ‘90s: This shit is pretty fuckin’ good. While i can honestly say that i have never understood the appeal of pierced nipples on any level, and that music which accompanies a noteworthily confrontational stage show is generally either funny once (if that) or abrasive-and-nothing-else (if that), to say that the Insaints sound kinda like one imagines the Avengers might have sounded like were they fronted by a dominatrix (but not in a cheesy way—in, like, a FOR REAL way) is not an untoward stretch of the imagination by any means. A few tracks here and there might bring glimpses of Lunachicksville to mind, but, all told, this stuff has got WAY more in common with the classical model of female-fronted West Coast punk bands (Avengers, UXA, VKTMS, DOA—er, never mind that last one) than i would have ever suspected. Singer Marian Anderson’s fatal OD in 2001 seems as wasteful and stupid as my sister-in-law’s SUV. Could people please stop doing that? BEST SONG: “Losers Club” BEST SONG TITLE: “Mikey Like It” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Record is co-dedicated to Tim Yohannan, whose name is misspelled “Yahannon” twice herein, which is interesting because 1. In Bob Dylan’s book Chronicles: Volume One, he misspells the Minneapolis street name “Hennepin” as “Hinnepen”—reversing the position of the first and last vowel just as was done with “Yahannon;” and 2. The reason why i am highly sensitized to the spelling of Tim’s last name is because i still have the yellow Post-It™ he sent me stating “If you’re gonna bitch slap me, at least spell my name right! It’s YOHANNAN!”

 –norb (Disaster)