INQUISITION: Revolution... I Think It's Called Inspiration: CD

Dec 14, 2005

Here's one thing I personally never have seen before. I take the CD out of the promo sleeve, not noticing anything wrong. I popped it in the player and it would not read. Curious, I eject it. The CD looks okay from the top where it's screened. I flip it over and see that the CD is shattered only on the bottom layer. A spider web like crack that resembles a cracked windshield. Either it is the fault of bad manufacturing or someone needs to learn that CDs are not indestructible and take a class in proper mail packaging. So... What does the music sound like? I don't know. All I know is that members of this band went on to play in Strike Anywhere, Ann Beretta and River City High. Glad there was some promo material to read.

 –don (A-F)