INOCULATORS, THE: Dropped Their Brains: 12”

Aug 01, 2006

This was an unexpected surprise. The cover art looks like Hellraiser goes to Disneyland, so I was leery of what I would find inside, expecting clichés and worn-out punk rock rhetoric. There is a bit of that, but, for the most part, this is a very solid record. Musically, it kind of sounds like Less Than Jake mixed with dirtier, crustier sensibilities; the ska influence is definitely there on some of the songs, but when the Inoculators crank it up this is a great vehicle for rock‘n’roll fury. They also have some overtly political songs in here, which seems to be a no-no these days, but they don’t dominate the record so as to define them solely as a political band. I woke up this morning with their “Two Party System’s Fucked Up” in my head—kind of a cheesy title, but it sent me blazing into the day. A solid record that is variously fun, thought-provoking, and critical of the State Of Things in the Twenty-first Century.

 –Eric Carlson (The Inoculators)