INOCULATORS, THE: Dropped Their Brains: CD

Aug 01, 2006

I met the singer of this band outside the Troubadour right after I took pictures of the Japanese band Last Target. I was heading home because I wasn’t interested in the other bands, including the headliners. I think The Briefs headlined that night but I was right out the door. Not having gone out to a legitimate club in a while and going to DIY shows lately, I wasn’t feeling the environment. We had a brief conversation that was cordial and he quickly told me about his band. I told him good luck and I was on my way. The guy has a good memory because mine is decaying. Sitting in my in-box was an envelope addressed to me at HQ. He sent me a CD. I listened to the release and I can’t really find fault in the music. But at the current moment, I’m not really feeling it. The songs are melodic and the added ska parts make the songs more interesting. The recording is top notch. These are things that I enjoy in a band. If this was five years ago, I would be drooling over this. This goes into the pile of CDs and records that I have to listen to much later.

 –don (Inoculators)

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