INOCENTES: Miséria e Fome: EP

A lot of old stuff is getting reissued lately, which is a great thing. But it’s easy to miss some stuff in the onslaught. I absolutely urge you to seek this one out. Put it at the top of your list. Hit all the mailorders you go through, or just go direct through the label. It was originally released in 1983, from Brazil, and during the time of a military dictatorship. The band entered the studio with the idea to record an album, however, all but four songs were cut by censorship (they even had to alter lyrics and rename the title track to “Apenas Conto O Que Vi O Que Sent”) that was self-recorded and released by the band. What you get here is four songs of potent, raw hardcore punk that has an undeniable amount of energy and spirit. “Aprendi a Odiar” with its stop-go parts and shifting tempos grabs your attention, and then there’s the urgency of “Calado” that has spoken parts that lead into short and frantic bursts. The songs are mainly mid tempo, but bouncy and catchy. The urgency is great and carries over to the listener. Absolutely love this record! I’m finding myself more and more obsessed with Brazilian punk and hardcore. And for good reason; most of what I’ve heard from that country is awesome.

 –M.Avrg (Nada Nada,