INFECTED: Tales of the Tortured Mind: CD

Nov 21, 2006

I am all for posthumous discographies, especially for bands that’ve long since disbanded and never really played that much outside their hometowns. In the case of Infected, that’s not entirely the case, as they apparently toured quite a few times, the first of which was a two-month stint of the States with Raw Power, which would lead me to believe that more people would’ve heard of them before. Anyway, these dudes were working within the framework of a pretty standard punk template, but that doesn’t mean that Tales… is bad, or even that generic, just that you know what you’re coming into here. While the liner notes are almost apologetic about how rough some of this sounds, I think it adds rather than detracts to the whole thing. As a whole, Infected sounds like a more venomous, pissed-off Crimpshrine without the hippie undertones. Only complaint is that the CD starts to drag a bit by the end, but that’s just because it’s a near-complete discography (the last four songs are from their never-released LP); I’d start to get burnt by a lot of bands after twenty-one songs. As a whole, this one’s pretty decent.

 –keith (Eugene)