INFAMALDE: Bad Labels Can Destroy the Best of Men: CDEP

Sep 21, 2009

Infamalde unleash an intricate and complex audial attack of fiery rage somewhat similar, but vaguely comparable, in sonic style, structure, and content to Fugazi in varying degrees of abstruse intensity. The songs are technically well-structured and energetically impassioned in delivery... ambitiously alternating between frenzied mercurial madness and calm mellow moroseness. After numerous attentive listens, Infamalde have left me deeply pondering the flurried brevity of my very own aimless existence... ah hell, nothin' another iced-down 6-pack can't cure! So if you'll excuse me, I now intend to get thoroughly sloshed on another round of foamy brewed beverages and the addictively ingratiating sounds of Infamalde...

 –guest (Infamalde)

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