INERTIA: New Lows to Bear upon a Barren Earth: Cassette

Nov 13, 2013

This tape starts out twinkly and pretty, making me a little worried I was in for a wimp ride. Not the case whatsoever. It keeps that part short and sweet, moving on to a total ripper. It’s fast as fuck with some layered and gang vocals spread throughout. In the middle you get a moshdown with some sick pinch harmonics. Stressed out, stern vocals urge you to realize the end of our shit existence is coming soon. Second and third tracks give you more of the same with a bit more of a rock feel not unlike Damnation A.D. The last song is a roll around on the ground rager. The drums are definitely getting knocked over and the singer is going to need a tissue. The packaging for this tape is awesome—intricately scored and folded into a self-closing box and professionally printed on both sides. As someone who works in the print industry, I know this thing was not cheap by any means. Great job, boys!

 –Adam Mullett (Baldy Longhair, [email protected])