INDIGENTS, THEE: Brain Dead World: 7"

Mar 26, 2009

The first time I heard Thee Indigents on the Tower 13 album, I thought, how the fuck did this band get onto this comp? I thought it was the only stinker on the record. The last time I heard the Tower 13 comp, the song by Thee Indigents was one of my favorites. My initial dislike had to do with the ridiculously snotty vocals. I mean ridiculously snotty. This guy makes Joey Vindictive sound like he just blew his nose. Thee Indigents’ singer makes the Stitches’ Mike Lohrman sound like goddamn Frank Sinatra. That’s how snotty he is. But the band that backs him up is so tight that they propel you through the songs. They get you tapping your toes and running a one-man circle pit in your living room. They keep you interested so long that you’ll start to like the vocals. Then, you’ll start to love them. What can I say? The snot grows on me. This is another ringer from Hostage.

 –sean (Hostage)