INDIAN WARS: Songs from the North: LP

Mar 07, 2013

Indian Wars play loose, garagey country rock that sounds like a rootsier Black Lips. There’s a nice crunch of electric guitar, touches of harmonica and keys, a twang that’s never exaggerated, and a vaguely ominous psychedelia. This record reminds me of a road trip I took through the North Carolina mountains. My friend Steve had me hold the wheel of his truck while he rolled a joint, and things got weirder and weirder until the night ended in a karaoke bar with people signing me, the only black guy, up to do rap songs and these middle aged swingers trying to take me home. So, play this record when you get that wild look in your eyes. Then play it again when things take a turn for the bizarre. It’ll still make sense. Band photo references “Ragged Glory” by Neil Young and the band name references… Native American genocide at the hands of European settlers. Hmm.

 –CT Terry (Bachelor)

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