INDIAN WARS: Self-titled: 7″

A four-song 7” by a garage rock band from Vancouver. Giving it a listen, one can’t help but immediately compare Indian Wars to the Black Lips and even more deviant sounds like Cheater Slicks and the Country Teasers: lo-fi, reverb-drenched production that rubs with a most satisfying grit. Side one is the better side, with two tuneful songs punctuated by a couple tasty fuzz guitar solos and various well-timed blasts of dissonance. The songs on side two sound like they could have been lifted off any Rolling Stones album from 1968-1975, which, in my book, is not a bad thing. One downside is that the intro verses for both the songs on side two are very similar and the repetition is a turnoff to end the 7”. Other than that small complaint, a strong four-song outing.

 –Jake Shut (Bachelor)