INDIAN JEWELRY: In Love with Loving: 7"

Mar 06, 2007

Using the second Echoboy album on Mute as my main frame of reference (and who wouldn't?), the title track sounds like one of the few real bombs off that album, and "Climbing up the Walls," while better, would probably only qualify as filler material on that record—but "Lost My Sight," which occupies the entire b-side of this slowly turning platter, sounds like one of the better songs thereon—trancey, echoey, fuzzy, repetitive, f'd up, and cool. I imagine i'd be courting a lynching to suggest purchasing a record of this nature; having not been lynched in a while, i suppose i'll consider it. BEST SONG: "Lost My Sight" BEST SONG TITLE "Climbing up the Walls" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: "These tracks were recorded as quickly as possible."

 –norb (On/On Switch)