Nov 13, 2013

Music needs context. The context can come from anything, which is why, like art, it is so subjective. I recently read a review of this reissue in another punk rag that totally panned it as hippy music. What was missing for that reviewer was the context this band came from. Indian Dream was around in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s on the tail end of the anarcho movement. This was the era I went to see bands like Indian Dream, City Indians, Oi Polloi, and the like play with other like-minded punks at squats and punk venues around England. This reissue compiles their only LP and EP, both of which are melodic, tuneful anarcho punk with female vocals in the vein of Lost Cherees, Internal Autonomy, Omega Tribe, and the Mob. Along with the traditional sounds of anarcho punk, this band also has influences of the era, most notably the shimmery guitar which sounds like The Wonder Stuff. Taken out of context, the songs about whales complete with whale sounds and slow ballads seem laughable, but at the time of handmade zines, hunt sabbing, and dreadlocks this all made perfect sense. This is a tough one to recommend as the sound is so linked to my memories I can’t tell if this fantastic or ridiculous. Whatever, I love it. Now go get your own memories.

 –Tim Brooks (Boss Tuneage,