INBRED, TH’: Legacy of Fertility: CD

Jan 12, 2010

Though fairly obscure now, Th’ Inbred were a quasi-known band amongst punk’s great unwashed back in the ‘80s. In their relatively short period of existence they managed a self-released EP and two LPs for Toxic Shock (a label that was quite the bee’s knees in its own right in that time) before throwing in the towel in ’88. All of the above— Reproduction, A Family Affair and Kissin’ Cousins, respectively—and a few unreleased tunes have been compiled by the good folks at Alternative Tentacles so that a new generation of punters can hear what all the fuss was about. What you get for your buck are a truckload of thrash tunes heavily tempered with jazzisms, wild tempo, and rhythm shifts and sarcasm-tinged lyrics that are not afraid to piss on religion, politics, and, especially, the punk scene itself. While the stuff here might occasionally seem a little quaint after twenty-odd years of explorations into hardcore’s various hues, there are still enough surprises to be found to keep the most jaded Mohican guessing. Having not heard ’em since the respective releases on here were new, it was nice to revisit a band that managed to retain a sense of self when the rest of the scene pretty much actively pandered to some pretty stupid and stifling pigeonholes.

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)