IN DEFENCE: Twin Cities Crew: 7”EP

Sep 08, 2006

Does the word “charming” get my ass beat for describing a youth crew record? If you dig 7 Seconds’ Skins, Brains and Guts or Gorilla Biscuits’ self-titled album—tight musicianship, searing guitars, shout outs to bands they like, and thumbs down to smoking and drinking—this’ll be right up your alley. And, although I’ve never I felt it necessary to grab a music-instructed ethos by the ears to rally against the world—even twenty years ago when I first heard Minor Threat—In Defence, well, they play really well, pack a metal-less hardcore punch, and sound like they’re having fun, so who am I to begrudge ‘em? Fronted by Ben Crew of Sweet J.A.P. and The Divebomb Honey.

 –todd (Give Praise)

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