IN DEFENCE: Party Lines and Politics: LP

Nov 15, 2011

Near the tail end of our grade school years, my friend Jon and I took our music nerdery to a whole new level. We created the Boppin’ Barney and Matter-of-Fact Matt radio show. Of course, this was not a real radio show. This was us sitting in his basement bedroom making goofy DJ voices and gabbing about tunes into a tape recorder. In between our banter, we added songs by holding the tape recorder up to his boombox and playing our favorites by Exodus, Anthrax, Metallica, S.O.D. and whatnot. If Boppin’ Barney and I had gotten our hands on this new In Defence record, I have no doubt that it would have gotten many spins on the show. Seeing two songs with “mosh” in the title, how could we have passed it up? Our still-developing music nerd brains probably would have described it as a moshterpiece of thrash. “Perfect for the pit!” we would have said, having never actually experienced a pit before. We probably would have spent a lot of time “practicing” our headbanging to songs like “Life in the Thrash Lane.” We probably would have jumped around until we were dizzy. Then we would have eaten a box of mac and cheese, gone out into the woods and shot some other kids with BB guns, all while this album ran through our little brains.

 –mp (Profane Existence)