IN DEFENCE: Into the Sewer: CD

Mar 07, 2013

From what I gather, this is their second LP recorded back in 2009, with a couple EPs (their splits with Party By The Slice and Mother Speed), and some extra unreleased stuff. I do like this band, and I must say I tend to shun hardcore bands with humorous lyrics because they usually suck and are only as interesting as their gimmick, which is entertaining for about five minutes. However, In Defence have the music to back them up, and the vocal delivery is pretty damn good as well. Yes, the songs are fun and goofy in their way, but they do make points. It is a far more effective way of reaching people than a guilt trip dished out by the far less clever bands out there. Most of the songs here tend to deal with punk scene issues, such as people thinking they shouldn’t have to pay to see bands, filthy punk houses, and the stupidity of ‘80s dance parties. Some are inside jokes, like “A Song for Mark Nelson,” “Ben Crew Is an Asshole,” and a few others. But whatever. I’m bowled over by the burly NYHC style they crank out (and they’re from Minneapolis!), and how they deliver it with a definite intensity. I should have made the drive down to Santa Ana when they were here recently...

 –M.Avrg (Profane Existence,