Apr 19, 2008

Can’t say that I remember much from this band in the past. Here is what I can pick out of this peanut-sized brain of mine. I remember them being a mid-’80s crossover band. Didn’t buy anything specifically by this band and I think they had stuff pressed by Nuclear Blast in Germany. I remember them on the Complete Death II comp., but I haven’t listened to that record in over fifteen years. That is about it. Well, Mike from Beer City was obviously a fan since he compiled tracks from a live radio show, LPs, EPs, a split and a comp. That’s love right there. Another release that is not only an economical way of getting this band’s music but is an easy way to get a taste before you start collecting the actual releases. This reminds me that I still haven’t bought a copy of DRI’s Dealing With It that Beer City re-released.

 –don (Beer City)