IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL, THE: Hollywood Underground: 7”

Mar 03, 2009

These guys have been prolific this past year. These two songs have more of a U.K. ‘77 punk sound than the other records. Still power pop, but there are strains of the Undertones, the Flys, and bands like that coming through. “Hollywood Underground” is the punkier and more upbeat number of this single. I like how the organ comes in toward the end. “Gotta Run Home” is my favorite of the two cuts. The chorus is slightly melancholic. Maybe it’s the way they sing “ho-o-o-ome” or something and how the song winds down later on. A summertime sort of record. A full-length LP is in the cards for these gentlemen and I can’t wait to hear it. But, for now, get this and play it, play it, play it.

 –M.Avrg (Killer)