Sep 09, 2009

Brick_Bomb is a sweetly poppy gathering of four well-written punkish songs peppered with some heavy drumming and loud, creative guitar flexing. The words "pop gems" come to mind. It is chock full of a lot of well-sung emotional lines (undoubtedly making 13 year-old girls weak in the knees) that at time verge on saccharine, but it is a good listen if you can get past the heavy production. Oddly enough, I like the Impossibles more and more as they come closer to the sensibilities of empty modern day MTV bubble gum pop acts. This band’s new EP marks a complete departure from their third-wave ska meets pop-punk roots to more of a fuzzy, radio-friendly Weezer-esque Alkaline Trio. Although a lot of people I have heard comment negatively on this migration of bands recently, (and as much as I would like to join them) I would have to say a few things in defense of the Impossibles. They do nothing to hide their currently embarrassing ska roots, as their web site shows. And, there is some really interesting guitar and drum work present here. More importantly, they are more at home in their element and more welcome to my ears with this new clutch of songs than ever before.  –guest (Fueled By Ramen)