IMPO & THE TENTS: Peek after a Poke: LP

Nov 21, 2014

Imagine, if you will, the Dickies skip past the whole punk thing and follow their buddies the Quick straight into the power pop trip. This release embodies that proposed alternate reality hypothesis so much that it’s a bit unnerving. You get airtight, no-frills pop tunes stuffed to the bursting point with devastatingly catchy hooks infused with the same Saturday-morning-cartoon-damaged sensibilities and Leonard’s heretofore inimitable warbling… only the band’s from Sweden, Leonard ain’t singing, and there isn’t a Dickie within several thousand miles. As an old L.A. punk kid, one can’t help but find the whole thing seriously appealing, and it comes wholly recommended, but damn if it ain’t a little creepy as well. 

 –jimmy (Alien Snatch,