IMPO & THE TENTS: Don’t Give Me Your Number: 7” EP

Possibly the dumbest name since Hy Fructose & The Corn Syrups; probably the best record since last June or something! It sounds like Leonard Graves Phillips singing with a garage-edged but pop-savvy Scandinavian punk-pop trio made up of kids who were fathered by the Nomads at a Yum-Yums concert but don’t have the attention span to want to sound like either band. The longest song of the four is 2:07, the shortest is 1:34, which spells out “JACKPOT” in my book. It looks great, it sounds great, the vinyl’s all blue and cool, even the label looks cool: FUCK POS-T-VAC®!!! IMPO & THE TENTS ARE WHERE IT’S AT!!! BEST SONG: “Tonight” BEST SONG TITLE: “Don’t Give Me Your Number” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The three members of this band are named “Yes,” “No” and “OK.” What, no “Better Not Tell You Now?”

 –norb (Alleycat,