IMPERIAL LEATHER: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?: CD

Sep 30, 2008

I was excited to see a follow-up to this band’s excellent debut LP Something Out of Nothing. That record was a favorite and saw a lot of playtime at the home and in the car. I was also very fortunate to see them live when they came through on tour in the states a couple of years ago. Live and on record, they are an enjoyable experience. Think late ‘70s to early 80s American punk rock sound mixed with U.K. ‘82 that stresses the rock edge and still maintains a modern edge. This Swedish wonder team’s members played in many former and current bands. If you are curious, it a good assignment for you to do some research and see if they have played in a band you recognize. On this sophomore effort, the band goes for more of a raw and live-sounding production to record their brand of straight up, no bullshit punk. The melody is still there but there is no sugar coating the angry sound. What I really like this time around is that the guitars have a raunchier sound. It gives the new songs a sassiness and two fingers in the air attitude to them. I am really glad that this wasn’t a stinker because it sucks to be disappointed. 

 –don (Profane Existence)