Jul 06, 2010

This band is an electric punk combo featuring Chris Clavin from Ghost Mice. I mostly mention this because I’m not a big fan of Ghost Mice, which tends to sound too “precious” for me, but I like this band pretty alright. It’s real raggedy pop punk like Crimpshrine, but with a high-pitched singer and endearingly thumpy drums. Most of the stuff on here has a pretty distinct DIY punk message, with the exception of “Rabb-napping,” which is in that too-cutesy Ghost Mice vein. There are a couple of lines in this album that really make me go “Huh?” though. Specifically in “New Wave,” where in reference to what’s wrong with punks today, “It’s not worth the risk to steal things, the pizzas they eat come by delivery.” Getting a pizza delivered may be the most strident definition of what selling-out is. I mean, living by shoplifting is great if you’re doing it at Wal-Mart and only have some really low maintenance needs for yourself, but beyond that, I think that system of pseudo-off-the-grid living breaks down real quick like. It’s the kind of almost painfully myopic thinking that I think causes a lot of crusties and such to not really be taken all that seriously. Propagandhi and Fugazi talk a big game, but they also seem relatable and living in the real world. It’s not that these bands, and others like them (Fifteen and both Subhumans come to mind), are about compromising the shit out of everything, but they do recognize that everything is not always so cut and dry. I dunno if I can say the same for this band. It seems a lot of this line of severe “leeching off the system, but not in any way admitting to being a part of the system” thinking only really works for someone who lives in an anarchist wonderland where interconnectedness and consequences are non-existent outside of bike and vegetable co-ops. Then again, maybe I’m just being defensive and cynical, because indeed I have (gasp!) partaken in non-dumpstered pizza. I still approve of this album though.

 –Adrian (Plan-It-X)