IMPEDIMENTS, THE: Self- titled: Cassette

May 18, 2010

Burger has a solid roster of cassette-only releases featuring punk, psych, and rock bands working riffs from previous eras. The Impediments play straight from the rock and roll guitar handbook with a bit of Rose Tattoo speed thrown in intermittently. The recording is really big; I would like to hear them a little more raw, but there is some full-on riffage, including a bass player who does good runs. Good rock and roll bass playing is always a winner with me. The range is pretty minimal; the scope being mid-tempo bouncers like “Junk,” to fast-paced riff rock with furious piano chords, like the album opener “LeAnn Stoned.” The song is about hanging out with LeAnn Rimes. Curse them for making me look up how to spell her last name. Praise them for rock and roll.

 –Billups Allen (Burger)