IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS, THE: The Essential Fucked Up Blues!: CD

Sep 21, 2009

Never heard of em, went to see Bob Log III, and these guys were playing when we walked in. Beat me unmercifully senseless with my own affinity for what happens when punk gets busy with the blues. (Bob Log III was great, but they made him look like Tiny Fuckin' Tim). (Made Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion sound like Tiny Tim with a bottle of Wild Turkey). A duo (guitarist Cheetah was in the Quadrajets, drummer The Boss was in Sphamm), the ILCKs prove - PROVE! - (if Jucifer did not (but they did)), you don't need a bass player to rock like a fuckin' earthquake. No two ways about it: three great big guitar amps, three piece drumkit, three tons of ESSENTIAL FUCKED UP BLUES!

 –doug (Estrus)