IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS II: Love Is a Charm of Powerful Trouble: LP

Jul 09, 2009

Oh my God! I was reading the new Rolling Stone and they said that this band was hot, right up there with Snoop Dogg! Dude, that magazine is so hip. I mean, do you remember the Britney interview? Well, she’s rock. And you know Rolling Stone rocks ‘cause it’s like that band the Rolling Stones. They got their name from there, right? Yeah, like the Immortal Lee County Killers are part of the new guitar and drums “back-to-basics” garage stuff, you know? Like, if you like the Strokes and the White Stripes then you’re gonna’ like… Enough of that. The Immortal Lee County Killers II, are not one of the new “back-to-basics, drums and guitar” bands. What they’ve got going on is old. It’s been around since before we were all born and will be around long after we are gone. It’s power over yourself. It’s freedom to live. It’s creeping. It’s low down. It’s up there in the heavens waiting. Or it could be just around the corner. The Cheetah and The Token One have been shaking sweaty souls in the South for years. “If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.” These boys are doing it as right as it can be done. And that’s with respect for the roots from Willie Dixon, to the unknown authored songs of hard times past, and all the way up to the present-day R. L. Burnside. They’re bringing a message for the times to the poets, to the people, to the philosophers, to our history, America the Troubled. It’s all hell and bad weather these days. Hold on people and pull it together. A lot of uncertainty lies up ahead. It’s times like this where we’d be wise to check with our history, to call up the voices which have been lying stacked on the shelves. It’s time to look on back and find the strength and wisdom for today. It’s in our hearts. It’s in our souls.

 –guest (Estrus)