IF I HAD A HIFI: Nada Surf + 3: 12” EP

May 01, 2012

Stuffed to the gills with high-pitched guitar effects and vocals volleying from gang to spoken, this is some of the most fun you’ll have making your ears bleed. This foursome from Milwaukee reside where garage punk and math rock meet. “X-13D” reminds me of Jane’s Addiction with Perry Farrell’s manic, weasely voice while “Minotaur Documentation” and “All Hail Magnets” have some of the crunchiest hooks I’ve heard in a while. Packed with change ups and effects, the production is bar none, capturing the sounds of photon ray guns and a cat meowing interminably. This hyper-manic, disorienting twenty-nine minutes totals eight songs plus two extra with the digital download. The bonus tracks include, “To Hell with Good Intentions,” a catchy screamo anthem of sarcastic one-upsmanship, and the original mix of “Someone Take the Damn Money.” With enthralling, versatile chords played at a stomach-flipping pitch, do yer eardrums a favor and snatch this up. Fans of Sonic Youth and their use of audio anomalies may also wanna take interest. I can tell I’ll be playing this through summer. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Latest Flame, [email protected])

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