IF DESTROYED STILL TRUE #6: £3.00, 8”x 5 ½”, 28 pgs.

Jul 21, 2011

Nine writes that she is traveling indefinitely, the reasons for which are beyond the scope of this zine. She’s been to ten or so countries since 2011 began and this issue of her zine describes her time in Iraqi-Kurdistan. It tells of hitch-hiking experiences good and bad, encounters with Kurdish and American soldiers, the kindness of strangers, being stranded, death threats, and the demonstrations in the region that have been largely unreported in the western press. Nine focuses on what she did and saw in a way that acknowledges that her presence in the area is usually met with a curiosity somewhere around the scope of, “Why did you go there?” In many ways, this handwritten zine feels like a personal letter and is a brief, yet fascinating record of events from an amazing writer. [email protected]