IDIOT HUMANS: Self-titled: 7" EP

Jan 29, 2009

If I remember right, these Cleveland guys were around from '83-'85 and the Ries brothers split up and went on to The Laughing Hyenas (fronted by John Brannon of Negative Approach, who was fucking amazing. If you want to get beat up by a record, listen to You Can't Pray a Lie.) and RC5. This EP is solid for the early-to-mid '80s – on that teeter totter, toying with all-out thrash on some songs and being arty and Joy Division-y on others, but the entire sound owes maybe a little too much to a blender of GBH, Subhumans, and slower Rudimentary Peni to become particularly distinct and memorable. It's okay. Not pioneering, not embarrassing.

 –todd (Smog Veil)

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