IDAHO GREEN: I Hate Your Facebook Page: 7”

Jul 29, 2013

Bizarre, unpredictable garage punk. Instead of trying to describe this release as a whole, here’s a breakdown track by track. The release starts with a relatively straight forward punk song that devolves into a guitar-rocker. Think something along the lines of Fidlar. The second track is a really short song that leaves you with no time to form an impression. The third track is backwards. All of it. The fourth track is a joke song with a length of fourteen seconds. The only lyrics are the title of the track. The fifth song is a rock’n’roll jam, probably the best on the record, even if it does start with somebody repeating the band name over and over in an odd voice. Overall, I’d say I enjoyed half of this record. Really, it was the less-than-a-minute-long tracks I could do without. Idaho Green are doing some interesting stuff, and I’m intrigued to see where they end up with their next release.

 –Bryan Static (Schmodick, no address)