ICONS OF FILTH: Nostradamnedus: CD

Mar 16, 2003

Jeez, what’s with all the old anarchy bands giving it another go? Just heard some amazing stuff from Discharge, I hear Conflict is making rumblings again, and now this…. This stuff is not as cranium-reaming or intense as their “classic” work could get, but there’s still enough of a spark peeking through here and there to keep your interest piqued, and they get heavier the louder you crank the stereo. Sometimes, when you think the song is gonna be pretty bad, they get all Rudimentary Peni on you (although the vocal work comes nowhere near Nick Blinko’s throat shredding) and you end up bobbin’ your head along. The lyrics still have that political stream-of-consciousness bent. In short, pretty good, but would greatly benefit from a little more “oomph.”

 –jimmy (Go Kart)