ICONS: Eye-cons b/w Fade: 7”

Nov 21, 2006

Good, but if it was half as long, it’d be twice as gooder. As it stands, it seems like both offerings are half-songs, stretched to double their effective length. The effect of all that stretching? Bloating and the songs sound a little tired. The snappy punk crunch and poppy ouch of, say, “(Looking Through) Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” by the Adverts or “Silver Bullet” by the Briefs, is hidden in snatches, but these songs’ treads are thin and the sidewalls are cracking from all the shuffling and weight. With more pounce, stick-it-in-the-eye, and less repetition, the Icons have the potential to be really good.

 –todd (Daggerman, www.myspace.com/daggermanrecords)

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