IAN DURY: New Boots and Panties: LP

Sep 19, 2013

Ian Dury’s one of those cats who managed to transcend the pub rock thang that was all the rage in a pre-punk U.K. and have a career that really blossomed after Messrs. Rotten and Vicious became the toast of the children of the bourgeoisie. In a spirit true to the time, the music here is well crafted, varies from funk to punk and all stops in between the two, and is coupled with smart-dumb lyrics filled with sly puns and rhymes that are often racier than apparent at first blush. Its status as one of the more respected, if not outright beloved, albums of the early U.K. punk/new wave era is well deserved and it’s great to see it again available in the format for which it was intended. For those more interested in its collectability than the actual music it contains, this press is limited to five hundred.

 –jimmy (Drastic Plastic)